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Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Hello all, did you heed my previous admonitions?

Court got off to a rocky start this morning. Baez, as usual, came in complaining about the state. Baez first renewed his argument about the computer records that would refute Cindy Anthony's testimony. You can't pull one over on JP! JP repeatedly asks Baez, "did you put Mrs. Anthony on the stand knowing that she would testify that she was at home when her records show that she was at work?" Again & again Baez dodges the question. He goes all around it but never truly answers it. Finally Baez admits, yes he knew. JP was not happy at all. Baez is in some serious trouble when this trial is over. Baez said he wanted more time to review & to have his computer expert (what? they don't even have an expert!) to review them. Baez also objected to testimony by an expert witness stating that the witness was offering new opinions that had not been previously offered in court. JP denied the request regarding the expert testimony, yet he gave Baez & Clowns time to depose the witnesses about new evidence. Court went to recess indefinitely. Court would resume about 1:30.

So let's go back in time a little, remember when Cindy Anthony testified for the defense? Raise your hand if you thought she was being truthful. ...... Anyone? ..... Bueller? We all know that I said "liar liar pants on fire". I also said "I expect that the prosecution has already made contact with Cindy's previous employer to see if they have anything time stamped showing Cindy was at work on those days and times in March" in this post. The key dates here are March 17 & 21.
First up for the prosecutions rebuttal case, Chief Compliance Officer for Gentiva John Camperlengo. Gentiva is where Cindy worked back in 2008. Yes, JC's testimony was long & pretty boring. My Mom said, "He put me right to sleep." There were lots of big words & talk about HIPPA, the point is that JC was able to prove that Cindy was, in fact, at work on March 17 & 21. He could even tell you what screens she was in, no specifics - HIPPA & all. JC talked about how if you were to get up from your computer for an extended amount of time the computer would lock, & the user would need to reenter their password. --Let me point out here that at my job, if we get up from our desk it is policy to lock our computers. This is because of HIPPA. If you don't lock your computer, most likely one of my uber fun coworkers will send an email to the team saying you are buying lunch for every, or that you love to ride bikes in the park or talk about your inappropriate feelings for our boss. I am sure that Gentiva has this same type of policy, regarding locking your computer. ANYWAY, all this goes to prove that Cindy was not home & could not have done those internet searches she claimed. Strike 1, Cindy.

Next up is Cindy's, former, direct supervisor Deborah Polisano. DP (how lucky is she her initials are the same as Dr. Pepper?!) gets up says that Cindy was a hard worker, didn't leave work for hours at a time in the middle of the day, didn't have a work laptop or any other way to access the Gentiva system outside of work. DP also says that if one of her employees was not at work that she would have to do their job & she would use her own login information. Oh, & that giving out your login information was against policy.  Strike 2, Cindy.

Dr. Bruce Goldberger, forensic toxicologist testified next rebutting (old man) Spitz testimony about the possible decomp brain matter. Dr. BG says they did two saline washes from inside the skull & testing did not find any brain matter.

Dr. Warren was up next rebutting (old man) Spitz & his criticism of Dr. G's autopsy. (How dare (old man) Spitz speak ill of Dr G!!) Dr. W went over why it was not necessary to open the skull. Dr. W testified that he was unaware of ANY protocol stating it was mandatory to open the skull. He explained all the reasons you wouldn't need to & how it is invasive to the remains & defiantly not necessary on the skeletal remains of a child. Ashton showed Dr. W a blown up photo from defense evidence of Caylee's skull after (old man) Spitz cut it open. Dr. W said he had examined the skull prior to (old man) Spitz & the crack was new. If you remember (old man) Spitz didn't even know he had caused the crack... On cross Baez focused on Dr. W not being a pathologist. Dr. W, said no but this was more of an anthropological area. Dr. W is an anthropologist. Baez asked if Dr. W had ever read Dr. G's autopsy report or Dr. BG's tox report before forming his opinions. Dr. W said no he had not. In my opinion, Dr. W not reading those reports has no impact of his opinion of protocol & obvious reasons why it would not be necessary.

Let's do a quick recap here, prove Cindy Anthony was at work & could not have done internet searches, Check. Strikes 1 & 2 for Cinday. Show (old man) Spitz was stuck at JFK's assignation, Check.

Now for the fun part. Sgt. Stenger is up next. He examined that deleted internet history from March. Not only does LDB have Sgt. explain how he did the search, she walks the jury through it step by step, showing them just how easy it was & those searches in black & white. Searches for Chlorophyll ZERO. Searches for hand sanitizer ZERO. Searches for bamboo ZERO. And "neck breaking" that wasn't from a pesky youtube popup like Cindy said, Sgt. showed how it was typed into Google.
Next up is Det. Osborne (probably not related to The Osborne's), she searched the entire hard drive of the Anthony computer for those same terms. Chlorophyll appeared only in the dictionary. Bamboo came up several times but never regarding being poisonous. Oh, & dogs, well the only thing related to that was a search for fleas. Det. O did admit that the information could have been deleted or overwritten. If Cindy were playing horse, this would be the R & S.

Last is Det. Melich. Remember how Cindy testified that she was sure she called George on June 16 or 17 when she came home to find the pool ladder attached & the gate open. Det. M testified that there were no calls from Cindy to George in the week of June 16, 2008. There were no calls from the Anthony home phone to George's cell phone & no calls from Cindy's cell to George's cell. On cross Baez asked Det. M if he was aware George had more than one cell phone. Det. M said no, he was never asked to look into phone records for George's work phone. Baez successfully insinuated that George had another phone that  Cindy could have called.
Strike 3 Cindy!!! We will get back to Cindy in a few.

So the state rest's its case. The defense declines to recall Cindy to explain all these inconsistencies with her story. Mason renews request for acquittal, who cares why. It was a joke, JP denied. Moving on.

Closing arguments are expected to begin at 9 am on Sunday. JP gave Saturday for preparation of closing, where he will allow multiple attorneys to speak.

Now, let's go back to Cindy. Her lawyer gave a statement after court that Cindy stood behind her testimony that she did do those searches for chlorophyll & chloroform. Well kudo's to you Cindy. You make it so obvious where Casey gets her behavior from. At the close of the prosecution today Cindy had effectively been impeached. By doing this the state has reaffirmed premeditation - Casey sought ways to kill Caylee; has proven that Casey needed lies to cover her claims. People don't lie for no reason, the jury sees that Cindy had a need to lie for Casey. Cindy's perjury was an attempt to derail murder charges against Casey, a slap in the face of our justice system. That State will not let this slide by. JP sentenced the guy yesterday to 6 days for flipping the bird.... imagine what he could sentence Cindy to. If Casey gets a guilty verdict & death penalty they won't even be in the same jail.

Cindy, you better call Little Kim & ask her what you should do to survive the big house.

Tomorrow I will discuss Casey & how obvious her lies were & how she got to this point. Those questions about the pet burial & how that fits in. Do you have something you would like my thoughts on? Leave a comment or email me!

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