Monday, July 4, 2011

"A lie told conviencingly - is still a lie." LDB

Hello all, I forgot to ask you about heeding my admonitions yesterday. It was late, please forgive me.

Ashton's closing arguments yesterday were movie worthy, I was not sure that anyone would be able to do as well as he did. Then LDB spoke on the rebuttal today. I am not going to summarize all that she talked about, if you have not seen it, it is defiantly worth watching. I am going to mention points that stood out to me. First, I loved how she began. The football analogy was perfect, I think this also clued the jury in that the defense was the reason for all those extra long breaks. She strategically pointed out that in her opening statement she did not make any promises that the state did not deliver upon. Without using the word "slut" she pointed out all the other derogatory terms the defense used & how they were too busy placing blame & name calling to seek the truth. I read on some other blogs that some felt that LDB was choppy in her speaking, I don't think that at all. Her pauses were to let what she had just said sink in with the jury. Despite Baez multiple objections she did not allow him to get her off track, she never even acknowledged him. The playing of the video's & audio drove home how flippant Casey Anthony has been since July 15. Not only did she advise the jury to step back & look at "the big picture" she brought the entire thing into focus with one question, "Whose life was better without Caylee" The final thought she left with the jury, "The only question you need to answer considering why Caylee Marie Anthony was left on the side of the road dead," she then showed a split screen photo with Casey partying on one side & a close up of the "Bella Vita" tattoo on the other & simply said, "There is your answer."  I hope she felt the applause & standing ovation so many were giving.

The jury deliberated for almost 6 hours today, I did think they would possibly come back with a verdict before the day was over. My money is on tomorrow, though. I would bet by tomorrow mid/late afternoon there is a verdict. The prosecution did such an amazing job presenting the evidence & reasons for Casey's guilt the decision won't take long. I did learn that the jury verdict form is 9 pages long, each page has to be answered as to the charges. Those 9 pages will take some time. Also consider that jurors took very very few notes during the closing arguments, this indicates most have already made up their mind.

I found that the transcript from a side bar on June 24 had been attained by the media. I learned several things from this, remember we can not hear what is being said during the sidebars, here are the key items:
Baez wanted to get in an additional picture of Casey pregnant, but while Cindy was on the stand Baez did not question her about concealing the pregnancy, so there was no predicate for the photo. JP also tells Baez & Mason during the discussion about the picture, that it is not his job to tell them how to get things into evidence. This inability to get things into evidence is the exact reason they could not discuss any sexual abuse in their (defense) closing.
Baez also wanted to put up several of Cindy's coworkers, having them testify that the pregnancy was concealed until Casey was 7 months pregnant. This of course is heresay, so not admissible. JP again has to inform the (ignorant) defense that they have not tied the concealment of the pregnancy into their defense. At this point JP asks Baez just what their theory of defense is. Baez states, “The theory of defense is that this was an accident that was covered up and that the behavior of the defendant is consistent with, of course , she reacted that way, acted that way, for various reasons, family dysfunction, her abuse, and she --- this is a family that’s used to covering things up, like the pregnancy. And, in addition to that, the defendant did – it was an issue where, um, you have …    All that was done during the defense’s ---- I mean, the State’s first two weeks we’re talking about her behavior, and why would a guilt ---you know, why would an innocent person act in that manner, this is inconsistent with innocence and only consistent with guilt. That’s allegedly what their –what their consciousness of guilt argument has been."
LDB, at this point, points out that by bringing up the family dysfunction that opens the door to Casey's criminal activity. Mason grunts an agreement. LDB says, "There's hundreds of checks, that she wrote on her mother's account. Hundreds" How does Baez respond, "It's her mother" as if that is supposed to make it ok.... Bozo does seem to be a more proper name for Baez.

I then read an article that was disturbing. The EquuSearch leaders say they always knew they were close to finding Caylee's remains. EquuSearch received a tip from a man working with the Anthony's PI that they should search that specific area off Suburban Dr. That tipster turned out to be Hoover - who a week later shot that video shown in court of DC searching off Suburban Dr & at the abandoned house. EquuSearch was never able to search that area because parts of it were always under water.
--So, this makes me think that Cindy also perjured herself regarding asking DC to investigate that specific area.  More to say on that in a minute.

During the time Casey was bonded out of jail, this had to be in August between 21-30, an EquuSearch leader was at the Anthony home sitting around a table with George & Casey. Holding a map of the area, George presses Casey, "Where do they need to start searching? Would you make a spot on the map? Would you make an X?" At this point Cindy becomes very angry & Casey gets up & goes to her room.
Why does Cindy get so angry? Why would she not want Casey to tell them where to search? Remember up until the remains were found they contended that Caylee was alive. Could Casey have told Cindy at this time what she had done? Did Cindy not want the body to be found because she knew it would not have been fully decomposed? Did she know that there would still be evidence to be found? Hoover calls EquuSearch & tells them where to search & then a week later goes to the same location & records video of DC searching.... Did Cindy tell them to go there & to take the video? This way Baez would be able to say, "Look these guys were out there at the end of Nov. & they didn't find a body so it could not have been there."
Could Cindy's intuition have told her Casey was involved from the time they picked up the car that smelled "like a dead body's been in there"? Remember Cindy cleaned the car, left those dryer sheets & washed all the clothes she found in the car. Could Cindy have not told George what she thought, b/c she knew he would be unable to stand up under the intense scrutiny? Could all that weeping in court when the 911 call was placed be about the guilt Cindy feels for not protecting Caylee from Casey???

There's is your food for thought today.

Tomorrow I have a read doozie to tell you about that you did not learn during court.
I also hope to have a (guilty) verdict to discuss.

Please remember all of my previous admonitions regarding this blog and what I post here. This is a personal blog, I am expressing my personal opinion. I have no intent of misrepresenting the facts of the case. What is contained here are not meant, nor intended to be slanderous. Please remember these admonitions regarding the content you find on my blog.

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