Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why, O Why Cindy??

Hello all, did you heed my previous admonitions?

This morning's testimony was full of boring scientific information that was barely heard between the "Objection" and the "Sustained" that were flying. The defense brought in a toxicology expert Logan, well the defense thought he was an expert at lots more than just toxicology. The plan of the defense was to use Logan to discredit Dr. Vass, the Body Farm and the tests that were done there. What happened you ask? Good ole' Ashton, he easily pointed out that Logan didn't have any specific or expert knowledge in any other area other than toxicology. So the witness was considered an expert in toxicology alone by JP's rule. This took away every single question that the defense planned to ask. I will give Dorothy Simms credit, she tried to sneak them in. Ashton was always ready with his "Objection", the most common reason was for "outside of expertise". This went on for hours. There were at least 5 sidebars for this one witness.

The big news of the day is Cindy Anthony's testimony, which happened after lunch.
Baez starts out by asking if Cindy recalls doing any searches in March 2008 that might have included chloroform. Cindy says "Yes." then pauses- Baez looks down at his papers no longer at Cindy. Cindy then goes on to say that she was worried about one of her yorkie's that was small and sleeping alot. She says both dogs would eat "bamboo leaves" from the back yard, so she started looking up things that would have been in the backyard that could cause the small dog to be more sleepy than the other. Then she says she started looking up chlorophyll, which led her to chloroform. So Baez says, I don't get how you can mix those up. Cindy says not mixed up and then goes into this kind of technical explanation that there is bacteria associated with chlorophyll production and then that comes from these certain colors of plants. She says that prompted her to look up chlorophyll because some species of algae, sea weeds and "stuff" naturally produce chloroform. Mind you Cindy has offered up all this information to Baez TWO questions!! So then Baez says, how do you know that you did these searches in March. Oh well Cindy says, because I looked up several other things at that time. She says something about a scare involving hand sanitizers and small children happened in March. So she looked up the other stuff and the ingredients in hand sanitizer around the same time. She says that the alcohol being in the hand sanitizer made her look up other things that they had around the house like acetone, hydrogen peroxide & rubbing alcohol.
First of all, if you were concerned about what was growing in your back yard and it being harmful to your dogs you would search things like, bamboo leaves, plants harmful to dogs, etc etc. Things like that. You aren't going to go and look up chlorophyll.
Second, Cindy is a NURSE!! She doesn't need to look up the dangers of hydrogen peroxide, acetone or rubbing alcohol, these are all things she should know!!!
When asked why she remembers being home from work on those days she says there are a several holidays in March that they celebrate and she always takes some time off. She says that Casey's birthday and their anniversary is in March. Well I looked it up people, holiday's in March are Dr. Seuss bday, daylight savings time change, St. Patricks day and the first day of Spring. I am going to tell my boss tomorrow I need time off for the time change and the first day of spring!! Come on!!!

During cross Cindy claims that she doesn't know what her computer does, that she doesn't know how it works, but she knows all about chlorophyll and plants.... The Cindy Anthony that testified today was totally different than the one who testified at the beginning of the trial. Cindy appeared ready, she had answers all mapped out, she knew she was going to have to fight it out with LDB. Cindy's body language on the stand seemed to be that of great discomfort. When answering Baez's questions most often she would look down. Cindy has sat in the courtroom and she heard what the computer experts found, she knows what looks the most damning for Casey. I think this was Cindy's attempt to try and keep the death sentence at bay. George and Cindy's lawyer made a statement that they just want to know what happened to Caylee and to see justice done. They also do not want to see Casey receive the death penalty and they continue to stand by her.
Baez also questions Cindy about the Sunfire, when it was purchased, who was the primary driver.... He shows a photo of the trunk liner with a stain identified. Baez asks Cindy if she has ever seen this stain before, she doesn't even need to think, yes she says- when we bought the car. WHAT!!!
I expect that the prosecution has already made contact with Cindy's previous employer to see if they have anything time stamped showing Cindy was at work on those days and times in March. They are probably also looking at the pings on her cell phone, these will tell what area she was in. I wonder if Cindy thought about the sentence for committing perjury...

I also wonder, why didn't Baez ask Cindy about Casey allegedly telling her mother about the abuse from Lee? Is he going to call her back and ask her that? You know the jury is wondering the same thing. Surely George Anthony will be called to testify.... will he lie to try and save Casey? Who will be the defenses' last witness? Will it be Casey? Will we all hear a new version of what happened to Caylee?

Please remember all of my previous admonitions regarding this blog and what I post here. This is a personal blog, I am expressing my personal opinion. I have no intent of misrepresenting the facts of the case. What is contained here are not meant, nor intended to be slanderous. Please remember these admonitions regarding the content you find on my blog.

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