Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Voice Silenced

As I sit here, more than 7 hours after the verdict was read, I am still stunned. I could not imagine that the jury would find Casey not guilty on all counts that had anything to do with Caylee. It is difficult to even put my emotions into words.

It seems our technologically advanced, CSI loving society needs DNA evidence or a video of the defendant clearly committing the crime in order to convict. Very few crimes are this black & white. Most often it requires taking pieces of the puzzle, the evidence, & putting them together to reach a full picture. Is the lack of a cause of death a missing piece? Yes it is, but it does not obstruct the vision of Casey Anthony's face. Millions, like me saw this same picture, yet 12 people saw something totally different.

An alternate juror did a phone interview with cnn, he said that the prosecution did not prove their case, that the biggest question was not answered, how did Caylee die. He said he did not believe that Caylee's body had ever been in the trunk. He stated that it was a horrible accident. My question is this, If it were an accident why did Casey not admit that when she was given the opportunity? Why did Cindy & George & even Casey, when she was not in jail, hunt for Caylee, use all of these resources, post flyer's? In the 3 years since Caylee disappeared why would you not stop the craziness & admit that it was an accident?
Believing that this was an accident that "snowballed" out of control, makes Cindy & George as responsible as Casey. How disgusting, twisted do you have to be to place your loved one in garbage bags & throw them into a swap blocks from your home? Did they think of her there submerged in water for months, decomposing? Did they realize that animals would chew on her bones? That does not show love.
Grief or no grief, sexual abuse or not, Casey's actions between June 16  & July 15, when she was practically dragged from her boyfriends home by her mother, are not those of a loving, devoted, caring mother.
I fear the message this is sending is that it is ok to lie, lie lie. In the face of exposure of your lie, divert attention. Having no respect or regard for human life is ok. It is ok to say whatever necessary in order to confuse your questioner.
Jose Baez will now be regarded as an excellent defense lawyer. I shudder to think that someone who appeared so incompetent could be used as an example to look up to.

Will Casey go home to George & Cindy when she is released? The defense says they have an "escape plan". Bet Casey thinks she is going to live with Baez. How long before Baez leaves his wife? Or before Casey threatens or harms Mrs. Baez? Casey takes out whatever obstacle is in the way of what she wants, & a jury of her peers have told her that is acceptable.
This is not the last we will see of Casey, a leopard can not change its spots. Casey will be back in court one day.

Did the jury notice that the tears Casey shed today were MUCH different than the ones she "shed" during the trial? As they got on that bus, refusing to speak to the media, returning to their homes in another county, did they begin to rethink their decision? Could they have just been tired of being sequestered & did the quickest thing that would get them home?

I do not feel justice has been done for Caylee. Caylee's father is unknown, there will be no civil case as there was with OJ. Without a doubt Casey will now profit from the death of a beautiful little girl whose voice has been silenced forever, in more ways than one.

Dear Caylee,
I know that you are in Heaven & I hope that what is happening here on earth is meaningless to you. Yet I can't help but express how sorry I am justice was not achieved for you today. It is my hope that you joined Jesus in the most peaceful, fearless, painless manner possible. Your pretty face & big brown eyes have captured the hearts of millions. Your memory will live on in the hearts of them all. Give Gavin a hug & tell him mommy loves him, his mommy loves you too sweet girl.

No matter what I think or feel, there is a higher court that will judge Casey Anthony.

I had planned to tell you about a letter LDB received regarding Casey inquiring on ways to kill, poisons to use, how to dump a body and even how to find someone to commit murder. At this point it just doesn't matter.

As always this blog expresses my own personal opinion. I have no intent to misrepresent facts of this case. What is contained here is not intended to be slanderous or malicious.

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