Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weave Me a Tale

At the start of court today it was obvious that JP was in no mood to deal with any bs today. Baez must not have gotten that memo.... Back about June 24 or so JP had Baez redefine what the theory of defense was. Baez again said it was accidental drowning & sexual abuse. At that time JP warned him that there had not been any evidence presented to show that the defendant had been sexually abused. Therefor Baez could not bring up any sexual abuse in his closing. I enjoyed that JP pointed out that no one asked Lee about the abuse... Course Baez didn't think that was important.

Ashton's closing was movie worthy. I sat on my couch entranced by Ashton, I hung on every word. I can only imagine that it was even more dramatic to be in court. Ashton took all these pieces of the evidence puzzle & put them together showing a clear picture of Casey Anthony. As Ashton began assembling these pieces you began to see how Casey Anthony's mind worked. You began to understand the how & why Casey created all these lies. Ashton didn't repeat over & over that Caylee was dead. After about every three pieces where together, Ashton would gently remind that Caylee was in the trunk decomposing, or in the swamp thrown like garbage. Amazingly Ashton was able to do all this without making you think he detested Casey. He "complimented" her on her quick thinking and agility to change the story as a lie was exposed. Ashton points out Casey changed her password to "timer55", & explains why. Ashton says this was the amount of time that Casey knew she would have from the disappearance to Caylee's birthday. Casey knew that on Caylee's birthday she would no longer be able to put off Cindy. Upon hearing her web of lies laid out, as she thought only she could understand, Casey began to "cry". As Ashton continues & Casey realizes that she has been figured out, Casey mutters something to Dorothy Sims beside her. I quickly saw that she called Ashton a son of a _____. Two pieces of Ashton's closing really resonated with me & were difficult to forget. Ashton quotes Dr. G, that there is NO reason to put duct tape on a child's mouth, dead or alive, and when he explains the reason for Caylee's death, "She died because her mother decided the life she wanted was more important than the life of her child."

After Ashton's closing a "short" break is taken. It didn't end up being so short.... When court started this morning, I turned to my husband & said "Baez is going to try to pull some shiz." Sure enough... As the defense begins putting up their props both Ashton & LDB notice some issues. LDB notices this giant poster Baez has, at the top it says "Imaginary Friends" around in a circle is faceless people with descriptions & in the middle is a smiling Casey. So what's the problem? The smiling Casey in the photo is 15!!! A good 6 or 7 years younger than Casey was when she committed the crime. Of course Baez tried to play it off, but JP saw right through it. Baez had to cover up the photo, he went with plain white copy paper. If I had been on the jury I would have immediately noticed this, & would have known that he tried to pull something. How totally unprofessional to present something to the jury that is unprofessional. I am sure the jury noticed, knew that this was probably the reason their "short" break went so long. It seemed like Baez spent a good 5 min. telling the jury what he was going to do... don't talk about it--be about it. I have to honestly say I didn't pay super close attention to what Baez said. Why.... well he rambles, looses his place, his verb tense changes through out. The overall lack of preparation disgusts me & lessens his credibility.

I missed Ashton laughing... I can't say I am surprised he got caught... I had noticed him doing this all through the trial. At the same time, it is difficult to keep a straight face when Beaz is saying such ridiculous things. Thankfully I totally missed all the ridiculousness that Mason had to say. I did feel like Baez & Mason both treated the jury like stupid children. Repeating the same instructions over & over. When someone repeats the same thing over & over, telling me I shouldn't pay any attention to it, that is a red flag to me that I better give that thing a more detailed look.

So the defense uses almost the total 4 hours they were allotted. The jury had to begin tuning them out at some point. I actually think this works out very well for the prosecution. Tomorrow the jury will come back, ready... ready to hear prosecutions rebuttal & ready to deliberate. It was mentioned on twitter several times today that the jurors were not taking notes, what does this mean? Have they made up their mind? Did they feel like the had a total picture & didn't need any additional notes.....

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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