Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will She? Won't She?

Hello! Did you heed all of my previous admonitions?

First I need to take back my example of Casey's narcissism. It appears that "Marie" is a family name, it is also Cindy's middle name. So, I take back that statement.

The day started with Baez saying there was a discovery violation by the state. *Eye Roll* Baez claims that the prosecution had additional information about Cindy Anthony's work records. JP doesn't let him get very far into it, says Didn't you expect this? I cracked up. The issue was tabled until presentation of evidence was done for the day.

Defense calls Crystal Hollaway aka River Cruz to the stand. She says yes, she & George were intimate, that he came to her house maybe 12 times. RC goes on to testify that one night in Nov. she was telling George that she could not imagine that he could raise someone who would kill their own child. She says at this point George tells her that it was an "accident that snowballed out of control". RC states she could see his eyes full of tears & she did not push the issue. RC testifies the affair lasted until the balloon release. She says they broke up because he was texting her, not actually calling or coming over & she felt that she was worth more than that. RC gets upset, her twin sister notices & responds to George's text with something rude. No further contact was made.

I found it...humorous... that this woman who is claiming to have an affair with a married man, is ALSO involved with another man at the same time!!! Yet, she felt she was "worth" more than just some text messages, are you laughing???

RC says that she told her story to the National Enquirer because the reported told her that she could tell her full story in a fair & non sensational way. RC, did NOT sell her story to NE.... Her twin sister did, for $4000! Oh and RC didn't approach the NE, her (evil) twin sister did. Who do you think ended up with the bulk of that $4k??? I am willing to bet that NE offered the most $$$.

On cross, Ashton brings up a letter that George sent to RC. In this letter George refers to RC's "husband". She says no, I am not married. Then admits she was in another relationship & George was aware of that. The letter goes on to say how important RC's "friendship" is to both George & Cindy. This letter was also signed by both George & Cindy. Also on cross RC says yes she lied to detectives on the 17 of Feb 2010, when she said she & George did not have an affair. Yet, with in days the NE had been contacted. In her initial statement to detectives RC gave a different version  & of what George said.... What was really said was "I really believe it was an accident & it went wrong & she (Casey) tried to cover it up. It was an accident that snowballed out of control" Leaving out that first sentence makes the whole thing sound much different. RC was very rattled by Ashton. She goes on to agree that George did not say he was there when Caylee passed or that he knew about it or that Casey told him about it. JP reads a note to the jury stating that they should take RC's testimony only in an effort to discredit George & should not be used to decide Casey's guilt.

Up to this point I was unsure if George did have an affair. After hearing RC's testimony, that the letter referred to a "friendship" between the 3 & that Cindy signed the letter I don't think he did. I believe that RC's (evil) twin sister was there when the police showed up & interviewed RC. ETS saw $$$. She probably tried to talk RC into saying she had an affair with George, when RC refused, ETS contacted the media. Even that scenario gives way too much leeway to RC.

The next key thing to happen is a news video that the defense played. The news video was one of the search command centers. It clearly shows Henkel brand duct tape sitting on the table. George is then recalled, says it could be his tape or someone else's Baez says you are from OH right? George says yes, Baez says Henkel's headquarters is in OH isn't it? Big objection on that one.
Baez moves on to talking about how the family buried there previous pets, Baez asks if the put them in a blanket, garbage bag & then wrapped them with duct tape.  George pretty much says he can't remember. Ashton on cross simply asks, "Have you ever taken a dead pet & thrown it in a swamp?" George says no.
Cindy is up next, Baez asks her about buryng the previous pets. Cindy, good mom that she is, says yes the first pet came from the vet that way & they buried the rest in the same manner over the years. LDB is up for cross, she goes over the pets. Cindy says in 2004 Casey was there when two dogs were prepared. They were wrapped in trash bags & taped to keep them compact. Cindy says yes this became a tradition, & that the pets were buried in the back yard. She concedes this is a tradition that both children were aware of. LDB then asks, "Did you use chloroform to euthanize your pets?" No.
"Did you cover their nose & mouth with tape?" No. I say BAZINGA! to that one.
Now Lee gets up and he backs up Cindy's story & that his parents were in charge of pet burial.

I am not sure what the defense was trying to get across with this pet burial stuff. Was it supposed to point a finger at George? If anything it says this is how Casey learned to bury things she loved. That is what I would have gotten from that if I were on the jury.

Casey did NOT testify. While this was the best thing she could do for her defense, I don't think the jury will like it. I think they wanted to hear her side of the story. To hear her explain just what the accident was & how Caylee came to be dumped like trash, to hear/see some remorse from Casey.

The defense rests, jury leaves. JP tells them that tomorrow should finish the presentation of evidence, Saturday morning would have closing arguments, then jury would receive their instructions and deliberations would begin Saturday afternoon.

Of somewhat humorous note here is 28 yo Matt Bartlett. Prior to the jury leaving, Matt was seen giving the bird. This of course is against the law. JP did not give the man ANY slack. Bartlett ended up with 6 days in jail, a $400 fine plus court costs. You can see JP hand down the sentence here.

Baez argues the alleged discovery violation... Poor JP, you know he wishes Baez would get a clue. He tried in several different ways to get Baez to see how silly he was being. Baez wasn't having it. JP ruled it was NOT a discovery violation, no surprises there.

You can see George Anthony's suicide letter by clicking there. My heart goes out to both George & Cindy, I understand ,all to well, the pain that George writes about. I really hope that when Dr. K left yesterday she tried to speak with both Cindy & George, they defiantly need to seek professional help dealing with Casey & Caylee.

Please remember all of my previous admonitions regarding this blog and what I post here. This is a personal blog, I am expressing my personal opinion. I have no intent of misrepresenting the facts of the case. What is contained here are not meant, nor intended to be slanderous. Please remember these admonitions regarding the content you find on my blog.

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