Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trial Friday & Saturday

It has been a busy weekend, I wasn't able to blog until now, Sunday night at almost 9:30.

So, lets get started with Friday...
Cindy Anthony was the first witness called. By question 2 LDB is objecting to the playing of a video. I am not sure if the video had already been shown in court, maybe just still photo's from it. LDB was overruled and the video was played. The video is of Casey & Caylee, Casey is laying on the floor bouncing Caylee on her knees. I looked at Casey watching this video, tears fell from her face & she had an almost wistful smile on her face. For a moment, I felt sorry for her. I know how it feels, what that smile means. During the sidebars of her testimony today, Cindy cries. She doesn't seem as prepared today. The defense shows photos of Caylee climbing the ladder to the pool at all different stages & then Caylee in the pool with Cindy still coming down the ladder. Cindy was very emotional during the showing of these photos, Casey was unemotional. Of course, LDB objected to all of them. Cindy did say that prior to her disappearance Caylee had swam 3-4 times a week, always with a life jacket. Also during Cindy's vacation she & Caylee swam daily. Cindy did go over all the precautions that they had taken with Caylee & the pool. I have to admit that this line of questioning did make me think that maybe Caylee did drown, yet that still doesn't explain the duct tape....
Rather than do more summarizing, details that you have probably already read, I am gonna talk about something that have occurred to me....
George Anthony was the last one to see Casey & Caylee when they left the house that day. Did Casey have a bag? Did Cindy find clothes for Caylee in the car? Did she wash them along with those of Casey's?
I have a hard time getting past what Dr. G said, 100% of the time people call 911... That is your automatic reaction, trust me I know. If it was an accidental drowning, why try to hide it?
Also, in the pics of Casey partying are difficult to take. She appears genuinely happy. I know personally pics of me 2 months after losing Gavin, it is obvious the smile doesn't come easy & it doesn't make it to my eyes. You don't see that in the photo's of Casey....
During Lee's testimony he and Casey cried... Cindy was also crying. When they recessed for lunch I noticed that as Lee left the stand Baez speaks to & comforts Lee. I am very suspicious of both Cindy & Lee's testimony for the defense. Lee's demeanor on cross was totally different. I can not see how he could have lived in the home, room next door to Caylee's & not known that preparations were being made for a baby. What is Baez trying to point out with the possible "cover up" of Casey's pregnancy?
As Friday went on with objection & sidebars & sidebars, I do not think that the defense thinks about what the prosecution will ask in response to their questions. This is legal 101, before asking a question you need to know how the witness will answer, & you must anticipate where opposing council might take that line of question. It seems the defense doesn't do this, or maybe they just like to be cry babies.
During the proffer I could sense the tension, you know the jury must sense this when they return.

Oh team Baez.... will you ever learn? I was honestly surprised that Saturday's proceedings had to be cancelled because, yet again there is a discovery violation by the defense. Poor JP & that jury.
I don't think that the defense will rest & the prosecution be able to rebut by weeks end. How sad that these jurors have to spend the holiday without their families. Surely JP will have something special for them.
When do you think we might see the jury begin deliberations?

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