Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love the Way You Lie

Hello all, did you heed my previous admonitions?

I want to take you back in time to Thursday June 23, on this date Cindy Anthony lied testified about her work schedule in 2008. At that time I looked inside my crystal ball & saw that the prosecution would be contacted Cindy's employer, Gentiva, & that they would have evidence to present on this during the rebuttal. WELL, this morning an updated witness list was released & two Gentiva employes have been added for the state. Hate to say it, but I told you so Cindy!! The two representatives from Gentiva are a lead tech specialist & a senior VP/general counsel. I do wonder if Cindy discussed her possible testimony, surely he would have told her that the likelihood of Gentiva not having exact records to prove if she was or was not at work was very low....
The first witness today was Joe Jordan (JJ), he volunteered to help in the search for Caylee. Mason did the direct. JJ lead teams & was involved in searches off Suburban Dr. JJ states that at about 5 ft in there was standing water & they did not go further in. After remains were found JJ did send email to police saying that he & a team with dogs had searched the same area & he believed the body must have been moved to this location recently. On cross by LBD, JJ admits that he was speculating that was the place where he searched based only on media coverage.
George Anthony is the next witness. I was more impressed with George than I was with any of the other Anthony's. He was very well spoken, not very hesitant in his answers, he was some what defensive in his answers. Regarding the alleged affair with River Cruz (or whatever her name is today), George says it is laughable. He did not confide anything to her. He went to her home to console her because of her brain tumor & Cindy was aware of this. Throughout the questioning Baez phrases questions in this manner, "During a romantic time with River Cruz did you ______" Each time George says, I did not have a romantic relationship with her. It gets totally annoying. On cross Ashton only asks George how long his "friendship" with Cruz lasted.
Cindy is up next. The point of her testimony was for her to state that she did NOT ask either of the PI's to search or to shoot the video. She also states that she did tell a detective, during a Dec. search, that a blanket was missing. Cindy denies having an argument with Lee regarding her sending the PI's to search.
Next up is Lee, it is an Anthony family parade. Lee gets up & says, oh yes I had an argument with my Mom regarding the PI's search because of a tip from a psychic. Lee says he expressly remember this because it was the first time he had heard of looking for a deceased Caylee & this was highly upsetting to him.
Sidebar- Do you think these people get tired of being recalled & recalled & recalled???
Dt. Melcih is up next, he testifies that yes Cindy did say in Dec, that she had had her people to look in that area over a month ago. So now you have 2 people contradicting Cindy's testimony.
Now is when I got a little excited... Kronk is called to the stand
Sidebar- every time they say "Kronk" I think of The Emperor's New Groove"

Krunk is on the stand for under direct questioning for 2 hours! He did get a break for lunch in there, but still. 2 hours of cross from Mason, 2 hours of Mason asking the same 6 questions over & over. The majority of the time was spend with Kronk telling Mason he didn't go in the woods, that Mason wasn't making sense, for Mason to be more specific. Key points: Kronk says in Aug. he went into the brush (woods) to relieve himself, he did not go very far in, he saw what looked like a skull farther in, in standing water. Kronk says he tried to tell his coworkers that were also there that day, but his news was over shadowed by the finding of a dead snake. Later that night Kronk calls the crime line about finding something that looked like a skull. On Aug. 13 he calls again, this time 2 officers come out to Suburban dr. He did not take them into the woods, he simply pointed in the direction where he had seen it. The calls to the police are played & Kronk does state that the area was near the Anthony home, he maintained that at the beginning of the day on Aug. 11 he did not know where the Anthony family lived, but by end of day he did. On the 13th Kronk explain more in depth on cross that when the 2 officers arrived, one of them went towards the brush where he pointed, slipped & fell. The officer then berated Kronk for wasting their time. Kronk said he let the issue go because of how he was treated. On direct Kronk says that when he found the remains in Dec, he put his meter stick into the right eye socket & "pivoted" the skull to make sure it was real. This goes into the defense saying that the remains had been moved. LDB does the cross which lasts, 15 min!! Kronk tells LDB that he did not know the Anthony's or the PI's, he did not have access to the Anthony home, cars, backyard, computer, clothes, blankets or duct tape.
A coworker of Kronk's testifies next, of most importance from this guy is that they stopped in the area off Suburban Dr. to take a rest. At that time he told Kronk that he felt Caylee's body could be in this swampie area. Says he didn't think Kronk was serious about seeing a possible skull because he didn't push the issue. On cross he says that he thought that was a good place to hide a body & because Casey said, "look close to home" on the jail house videos. POW!!! Turn that witness over to the prosecution!
The jury gets released at 4:30. Everyone else stays for some fun proffering. Baez has two guards from the jail testify as to how Casey acts in jail where she spends 23 hours alone. Both testify that she is pleasant. Of course JP, says that both guards testimony is not relevant. Casey's former fiance, Jesse Grund is called to the stand. He states that Lee was always standoffish with Casey & Caylee & himself. Jesse says he asked Casey why that was- she says that she woke up once & Lee was standing over her staring at her & on another occasion she woke up to him groping her. Jesse says at that point he told her that was all he needed to know & the conversation ended. JP did not rule as to if Jesse would be allowed to testify, prosecution argues that it is heresy. JP will rule on this tomorrow morning. Next is some lengthy arguing over a grief Dr that the defense wants to call, mud is slug between Baez & Ashton. Boils down to Dr will be there tomorrow for proffering.
It seems that JP will hear the mistrial motion at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
Now for the BIG news.
JP asks Baez how many more witness' he has. Baez says 6 after the Dr & then pauses. JP says, at that point he will speak with Casey Anthony regarding her decision to testify or not to make sure that it is truly her decision. Wowza. To me this explains the reason for the competency motion. Casey probably told Mason & Baez that she was going to testify. Mason tried to talk her out of it, when she wouldn't back down he went to JP requesting competency testing.
Could we see Casey Anthony on the stand by Friday? I think so. Tell me what you think!

Please remember all of my previous admonitions regarding this blog and what I post here. This is a personal blog, I am expressing my personal opinion. I have no intent of misrepresenting the facts of the case. What is contained here are not meant, nor intended to be slanderous. Please remember these admonitions regarding the content you find on my blog.

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