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Hello all, did you heed my previous admonitions? (I forgot to say this yesterday... it was late cut me some slack)

Well, this morning we learned just what all of Saturday's craziness was about. At the start of the proceedings today JP revealed that the defense had asked that Casey be evaluated for mental competency. I know my jaw hit the floor!!! Casey was evaluated by 2 psychiatrists on Saturday and another on Sunday. After reviewing the Dr.'s findings, JP ruled that Casey IS competent to stand trial. This differs from a mental exam. In requesting this, the defense team stated that they did not believe Casey to be competent, based on privileged discussions with her. The motion does not explain further what Casey did to make the lawyers feel this way. Was she doodling "Mrs. Jose Baez; Mrs. Casey Baez" and got caught? I have read that people in the courtroom Saturday said that she was openly snearing at Mason. Mason's signature does appear on the motion & it was reported that Mason could be heard yelling in JP's chambers. Common thought is that Casey wants to testify, maybe she has come up with another story to tell, & the defense wanted to have the competency hearing first (probably covering their own a$$)The defense also filed (yet another) motion for mistrial on Saturday also. This motion is based off a new court ruling saying that the death penalty is unconstitutional in Fl. I read all the reasons it could affect Casey's case, either way I don't see JP ruling in favor at all.
Testimony of note today:
The cadaver dogs did not search any other of the Anthony's cars, nor the house.
The defense forensic chemist Dr. Kenneth Furton was set to testify. Ashton had some issues, Baez said he was tired of proffering and letting the prosecution know all his questions giving them extra time to prepare. So a mini proffer was held, Ashton didn't want Furton to be able to give his "opinion" but JP ruled it was ok. Don't you know that Baez & croonies were so excited about that! Once more, they failed to consider what the prosecution would do to this guy. The point of Furton's testimony was in regards to his research on chemical compounds related to decomp & doubts he has about Vass' findings. Furton was not overly critical of Vass, Furton stated that this is a relatively new area of research that was still ongoing, with the possibility of other sources being the reason for the chemicals that were identified.
From what I gathered the defense wanted to give the jury the impression that chloroform could have come from a bathing suit or the cleaning products that Cindy Anthony used. Ashton pretty much blew that to bits. Furton did do a good job holding his ground against Ashton. Furton does agree that something WAS decomposing in the trunk of Casey's car, the questions is WHAT. At this point I noticed that Furton had a really pointed nose..... Wonder if it helps him smell?!?
The afternoon/evening was all about some video. A PI, Hoover, who volunteered to help the Anthony's & a former PI, Dominic Casey (DC) now working for the Anthony family- Hoover had video of DC searching the woods off Suburban drive & later a vacant house. The video was shot over 2 days, Novermber 15 & 16. The audio on the video gave the impression that they were looking for trash/plastic bags, but Hoover could not discuss because of heresay. DC gets on the stand and reveals that the reason he went to these specific spots is because of a psychic, J. Lucas. Cindy Anthony had sent Lucas a teddybear that belonged to Caylee, at the advise of DC. After receiving the bear, Lucas then calls DC and tells him where to look, DC says this is who he was speaking to on the phone in the video. The point of the video is that the defense is trying to show that less than one month before Caylee's remains were found, DC was also there & did not find the remains. That means that Roy Kronk had to have brought the remains between Nov. 18- Dec. 10, at which time Casey was in jail.
I don't believe this video proves anything or gives any doubt. The jurors did pay close attention to the monitors & to the witness but eyes don't deceive. During their presentation the prosecution showed detailed photos of where & how Caylee's remains were found, from those photos you can clearly see all of the leaves & other debris that covered the items. Testimony was given that one bone was found buried in inches of muck, not to mention all of the roots and plant growth in the remains. I believe the video showed the jurors just how well those remains were hidden, which is also an indication of how long they had been there.
In his opening statement Baez admits that Caylee's death was an accident that Casey was aware of. Isn't this an admittance of guilt? Willful neglect + accidental death= First degree murder.
JP indicated this afternoon that he would most likely hear the motion for mistrial on Wed or Thur. This should be very interesting.

Please remember all of my previous admonitions regarding this blog and what I post here. This is a personal blog, I am expressing my personal opinion. I have no intent of misrepresenting the facts of the case. What is contained here are not meant, nor intended to be slanderous. Please remember these admonitions regarding the content you find on my blog.

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