Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have You Heard???

Have you heard about this awesome company called Thirty-One? Their motto is "products with a purpose"

I am in love with their Purse + Skirts!!! Here is how it works, you buy the basic bag in black or brown and then you purchase all these adorable skirts,  it is like getting a whole new purse without changing all your stuff out!!
Here is the skirt purse in Floral Fanfare don't you just love it?!?

Thirty-One offers all kinds of stuff from purses to apron's to organization and even stationary!!!

This month when you spend $31 you get the Organizing Utility Tote for only $5!!!
 That is an incredible deal!!
Oh and just out is the holiday gift guide with a ruffled purse skirt and new holiday patterns!!! Are you super interested?
go here  Thirty-One

Click on  the line "Loraine Sizemore" and shop now. You can shop both the regular catalog and the holiday catalog.
Here is a link to the holiday catalog Winter Gift Guide

Here is a peek at what is in that Gift Guide

So head on over and place an order today!! It is a great chance to get some personalized Christmas gifts taken care of!!


Rbarakat said...

I have not heard of this company but I did recently break down and bouht a Miche purse- same conccept I guess!

judean said...


actually, it looks cute :)

tracy said...

cute stuff.

Christina Aiton said...

very cool!!!!

Passing Fancies said...

Cute idea.
Haven't visited in a while very pretty blog.

Judy Bagwell said...

Got a cute little lunch box once from this company. They have great stuff.

kim c said...

yes, indeed, i saw "31". And i'm diggin' their stuff.