Sunday, April 12, 2009

Future Collage

I went back to school this week. I have returned to school to get an AS degree in Basic/Applied Sciences, with a focus on Medical Billing/Coding. I am excited about going back, although feeling a little over whelmed. So, due to going back to school I have not really been able to scrap this week. In my Strat. for Success class we were asked to do a collage of things we want in our future. The only limitation we had was that we had to keep it 8.5x11.
This is my collage. We would love to have a boat; a house of our own. The HK scrubs are what I hope to wear at my new Billing/Coding job; A SB room in that house of our own; a trip to the beach and the bikini body I hope to have. The potty man is for having both my boys potty trained.
I like how it turned out. I can't wait to see everyone elses in class on Monday!

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